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ETTA SYSTEMS was established in mid 1999, to be a local provider for industrial Automation Systems. From the very beginning ETTA SYSTEMS was keen to introduce high quality products throughout representing many European companies, which are internationally leaders in their line of business.


ETTA SYSTEMS strategy is based on three important points:

  1. High Quality products.
  2. Appropriate prices.
  3. High level Technical Support.

ETTA SYSTEMS considers the technical support we provide as one of the keys to success in this line of business, since it categorizes this support into three:

  1. Pre-sales support: where we provide our customers with a full support to choose the appropriate system, which economically and technically fits their application requirements. We analyze these requirements as specified by the client and offer our engineering solutions accordingly.
  2. Procurement and installation services: where we procure the system, ensure its delivery on time as scheduled, install and commission it to the entire satisfaction of the client.
  3. After-sales services: at this stage we provide "IN-DEPTH TRAINING" program to help our customers operating the system easily on their own. We also provide all the necessary spare part and accessories as required.

Our target is to be one of the best Syrian leading companies and help to improve the Syrian industry and economy as well.



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